International Volunteers Workshop

Join Teach North Korean Refugees, Justice for North Korea and Transitional Justice Working Group for the largest gathering of volunteers coming together to find ways to help North Koreans and North Korean refugees.

This event is scheduled for March 20 at the National Assembly of South Korea. It is hosted by:

Justice for North Korea(JFNK),
Teach North Korean Refugees(TNKR),
Transitional Justice Working Group(TJWG),
Report Center for North Korean Refugees(RCNKR)
1969 Korean Air Abductees Family Committee(KAAFCK)
Unification Media Group(UMG)
International Coalition to stop crimes against humanity in North Korea(ICNK)

If you have been thinking about getting involved with helping North Korean refugees then here’s your chance. After this workshop is over, you will have a deeper understanding about North Korea, North Korean refugees and to learn about opportunities for you to get directly involved.

* Andrei Lankov, author of The Real North Korea, has confiirmed he will deliver the keynote address. This will be a great chance to hear from and talk with someone who has been studying about North Korea for almost three decades.

* We also have two North Korean refugees scheduled to speak at the workshop.

* You will also get to hear directly from representatives of several NGOs actively involved with helping North Korean refugees in Seoul and other places around the world.